Hassle free renovation

Avant les travaux

Are you thinking about renovating but dread the thought of living on a construction site for the next few months? We understand!

Our team has developed exceptional know-how and thus we guarantee the efficient progression of the work and peace of mind.

  • The plans are prepared by architecture professionals and we explain each step of the construction by itemising the tasks and budgets in a concise and detailed manner.
    Courteous, flexible and professional workers will do everything to achieve your project and meet all your needs.
    The rooms that will be renovated are cordoned off from the rest of the building to avoid the proliferation of dust.
    Furniture is protected or removed from the workspace.
    Construction waste is disposed of throughout the process so that the workspace remains clean and safe.
    We base a great amount of importance on the quality of the materials and the durability of the chosen assemblies.
    A manager that looks after the coordination of resources, quality control and respects the schedule..

Thus, whether it be for:

Contact Habitation Plani-Conseil’s team of experts for “hassle free” work and precise meticulous results.

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