Project management

From planning to completion, entrust your renovation projects to Habitation Plani-Conseil’s elite team.

Efficient handling for well-orchestrated work

At Habitation Plani-Conseil, project management is divided into two main steps: planning and execution. The planning service is essential if you want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, convert your basement, expand your house or complete any other sizeable project.

When all aspects of a project are well planned and quality controls are regularly performed, the work will proceed efficiently and without unpleasant surprises. The stages of a renovation vary according to the project, but they are always defined in advance.

The importance of planning your renovation project.

The planning of your project, under the supervision of an architecture professional, allows you to not forget anything, to have all the necessary resources and to respect a planning calendar, without the headache. Project planning is also used to:

  • Keep you informed clearly and honestly while ensuring your protection within the framework of the mandate that you entrusted to him.
  • Clearly define the specifics and the work itself before the work begins.
  • Thoroughly check and validate each planning step with you before proceeding to the next step.
  • Establish realistic budgets from the beginning of the project. This planning can be easily modified to ensure your objectives match your budget.

When planning a project, Habitation Plani-Conseil offers several services:

  • Specific inspection of certain parts of your property
  • Architectural plan design
  • Interior design
  • Engineering service
  • Detailed description of the work and tasks to be completed
  • Cost appraisals for each stage of the project

Steps of a renovation project

Our rigorous process ensures quality work, executed with finesse. Do you already have a general contractor or do you want to get a good idea of your project before starting the work?

We also offer the planning service, without the execution of the work. A service agreement will be drawn up with you in order to establish your objectives and define the scope of services that the professional must provide in order to plan your project according to your requirements.

Introductory meeting

An introductory meeting is arranged whereby a professional comes to your house to better understand your project and take you through the Planning Program.

Signing the contract

A contract for services (from the APCHQ) is drawn up to establish your objectives and define the scope of the services that we must render in order to plan your project according to your requirements.

Project planning

A planning calendar is set up and you will be informed of all work completion deadlines and the dates by which you must choose the finishing materials.

Budget planning

Once planning is complete, you have the option of preparing a budget guidance report to re-evaluate the cost of your work and adjust the design accordingly.

Project delivery

We take care of everything: obtaining licences, preparing the work environment, protecting your belongings, resource management, quality control, cost control and respecting the planning calendar.

Completion of work

Once the work is completed, our team will take care of the waste and clean up the premises impeccably. Your living or working spaces will be ready for use.

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