Interior renovation

Basement renovation


Les Cèdres

Project description

Our clients’ basement was completely renovated and transformed into a family room, kitchenette and bathroom. The design is sleek with neutral colors that leave plenty of room for accessories and decorative items. The focus is on the solid walnut staircase: each step stands out thanks to D.E.L. lighting hidden under each stair nosing.

Design specifics

    • Maximal use of natural stone as a finishing material
    • Solid pine wood finishes, solid doors and automatic door bottoms
    • Motorized window coverings hidden inside walls above windows
    • Walnut veneer kitchenette with granite counter, hidden fridge and dishwasher, unique made-to-measure range hood
    • Solid walnut staircase with LED lighting hidden within every stair nosing
    • Heated flooring on entire 2,000-square-foot area
    • Watertight floors to avoid infiltration
    • Hot water recirculation to allow appliances to access water within 3 seconds