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Learn about the mission, vision, values and team of Habitation Plani-Conseil, a solid company that stands out from the competition.

We master the art of renovation

Founded in 2003 by Luc Gendron, an architectural technologist T.P. 11945, Habitation Plani-Conseil has distinguished itself in the renovation field, thanks to planning, coordination and construction processes that by far surpasses the current standards in the industry.

Through careful planning and consistent quality management, the Habitation Plani-Conseil team achieves the results you want, on time and on budget. With us, you benefit from quality, precision, durability and peace of mind.

A company in good order, recognized and accredited.

For us, compliance and respect of rules and standards are priorities.

Our Mission and Values

They make us proud and serve as our daily guide to deliver thorough services that meet our clients’ expectations while respecting real estate assets.

Client Testimonials

Our clients’ satisfaction is the best indicator of our work’s quality. Our teams are dedicated to consistently fulfilling and exceeding their needs.

Our team

Our courteous and flexible team of meticulous professionals will adapt to your requirements. We understand that a clean workspace and precision in achieving your goals go hand in hand with your peace of mind.

  • Luc Gendron
    Luc Gendron President and owner director

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The smartphone: effective communication is paramount to my job.”

    What sets us apart:
    “The loyalty of the team and the structure of the company.”

  • Martine Rioux
    Martine Rioux Assistant controller

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The phone, because I am often the first contact with the customer, friendliness and patience become my greatest strengths.”

    What sets us apart:
    “Client service from the beginning to the end of the project. The transparency of the billing.”

  • Simon Lafleur
    Simon Lafleur Journeyman and operations director

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The iPad, since managing and executing your project is important to me.”

    What sets us apart:
    “We work as a team with you to help make your project a reality.”

  • Alain Gervais
    Alain Gervais Journeyman and project manager

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The handsaw, because with sharpened saws we can turn a tree into a castle.”

    What sets us apart:
    “At Habitation Plani-Conseil we care about a job well done in a clean and safe environment.”

  • François Legoupil
    François Legoupil Elite journeyman and project manager

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The lead pencil: this is the tool we find in all works that require great patience and precision.”

    What sets us apart:
    “Honesty, precision work and workers who enjoy their job.”

  • Louis-Philippe Gratton-Jacob
    Louis-Philippe Gratton-Jacob Elite apprentice 3

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The chisel, because it allows you to make precision adjustments.”

    What sets us apart:
    “At Plani-Conseil, quality of work is THE priority.”

  • Vincent Émard Guerin
    Vincent Émard Guerin Apprentice 3

    The tool that best represents me:
    “A level, because every day the company gives me the opportunity to increase my skill level.”

    What sets us apart:
    “Pleasure in the craft puts perfection in the work.”

  • Gabriel Chouckroun
    Gabriel Chouckroun Apprentice 2

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The mass since it allows me to tear everything down and start over to build precise and durable assemblies.”

    What sets us apart:
    “Our team does precise and meticulous work. Quality and customer satisfaction are our priority.”

  • Christopher Donnell
    Christopher Donnell Apprentice 2

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The combined lever bar, because this tool is essential and multifunctional. It is close to me at all times as I equally feel like an integral element in the heart of Plani-Conseil. ”

    What sets us apart:
    “The emphasis on the cleanliness of the premises, the importance of really taking the time to accomplish a high-end job, and excellence in all its regards.”

  • Anton Rushan
    Anton Rushan Project planner

    The tool that best represents me:
    “The detailed plans, because they are the basis for the accuracy and quality of our work.”

    What sets us apart:
    “Listening and compliance, as our team works to balance the desires of our clients while meeting compliance requirements.”

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