Before choosing your contractor, here are some facts to consider

Most people who embark on a renovation or construction project overwhelmingly exceed their original budget. They often find themselves obliged to seek out more money to pay for these “extras” and “emergency work” that appear throughout the project.

Perhaps you, like the majority of people, are simply unlucky. Or maybe it’s something else? After all, most people can’t be unlucky most of the time. Here at Habitation Plani-Conseil, we think this is more the responsibility of your contractor who does not want to reveal the REAL cost of your project before even getting started.

Choose the “cheapest” option with caution

But why would he do this? Because if you knew the real cost of your project, perhaps you would have simply chosen another contractor who had given you a cheaper estimate. For many contractors, 100% honesty is not always the best business policy.

Choose the “cheapest” option with caution… you cannot compare incomparable prices: an estimate that only considers a part of the work will ALWAYS be cheaper (and more attractive for the consumer) than an estimate that covers 99% of the required work.

Be vigilant, make your verification

  • Check that your contractor’s insurance is in order.
  • Check that he is a member of one of the official organizations that protects consumer interests.
  • Does the head of the company have professional training in building work: technologist, architect, engineer?

These criteria add an additional cost to your contract but how much would an uninsured and badly executed project cost? It’s best not to find out.

“When the moment comes to choose a contractor to complete your project, make sure you know precisely what is included and covered by the estimate. Opt for an accredited and insured contractor, which gives you the necessary protection and will protect you against the worst. It is clear that an additional cost is required, but choosing the lowest estimate could turn out to be very expensive. It is at your own risk! “

– Julie Guyard, founder and president of Design at Distance

Why is planning your project your most cost-effective solution?

Axel Design devotes time and uses its expertise to analyze each stage of your project. A detailed evaluation allows you to plan your finances BEFORE the work begins and helps you to maintain the original budget because your budget will be realistic.

This is why no excuse will be given if our estimate is among the highest that you will receive!

Thanks to our policy of cost transparency, we know that we will save you money… and stress.