Project planning

This step is essential if you want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, convert your basement, expand your house or complete any other sizeable project.

The planning services may include:


  • Specific inspection of certain parts of your property;
  • Architectural plan design;
  • Interior design;
  • Engineering services;
  • Detailed description of the work and tasks to be completed, and;
  • Cost appraisals for each stage of the project.
  1. An introductory meeting is arranged whereby a professional comes to your house to better understand your project and take you through the Planning Program.
  2. In order to plan your project based on your needs, a service agreement is drafted that establishes your objectives and defines the scope of services to be provided.
  3. A planning calendar is set up and you will be informed of all work completion deadlines and the dates by which you must choose the interior finish materials.

The proper planning of your project offers the following advantages:

  • It ensures that the specifics and the work itself are clearly defined before the work begins.
  • It ensures that realistic budgets are established from the beginning of the project. This planning can be easily modified to ensure your objectives match your budget.
  • It is done under the supervision of a architecture professionnal who is responsible for keeping you informed clearly and honestly while ensuring your protection within the framework of the mandate that you entrusted to him.
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