Mission and values

The stewards of your projects

Habitation Plani-Conseil was founded in 2003 in order to respond to an obvious need for coordination and control in the construction industry.

Our mission is to maintain and transform buildings through planning, coordination and construction processes that far exceed the industry standards, for property owners who give priority to regulations, as well as professional, high quality, precise workmanship, and who recognize the inherent value of their immovable as an investment.

Habitation Plani-Conseil continues to grow while staying true to the values that have made it a distinguished partner for property owners wanting peace of mind and excellent results.

” We are an exceptional company for those who seek exceptional results. “

Luc Gendron
President, architectural technologist, T.P. 11945
Habitation Plani-Conseil Inc.

Our values:

  • Effective and clear verbal and written communication.
  • Good organisational structure.
  • The implementation of specific procedures for efficient progression of each stage of the construction project.
  • Diligence in doing our work.
  • The quality, accuracy and durability of our renovation work.
  • Quality control at each stage of construction.
  • The respect of the schedule and the deadlines agreed in the renovation contract.
  • Keeping the construction site clean during the renovation and impeccable cleaning at the end of the work.
  • Loyalty, security and equity towards our workers.
  • Loyalty and respect for our customers.
  • Honest, fair and transparent invoices.
  • Continuous improvement.
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