Hourly work

When a renovation project is relatively small (a few thousand dollars), you can complete it quickly, without going through the planning process, by using

Our hourly work service

  1. A concise contract is written up in order to define the scope of the mandate you wish to entrust to us.
  2. The work is completed to your standards and to meet your needs.
  3. Each week of work is invoiced and you only pay for the hours worked and the actual materials used to complete your project.

This option offers many advantages:

  • It ensures that your project gets off the ground quickly;
  • The flexible and open-minded workers work with precision and care in order to meet all your needs;
  • Price transparency related to the completion of your project allows you to control your budget at each stage of the project, and;
  • It is the best way to obtain high quality results at a fair price.


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