The Régie des Bâtiments du Québec verifies the technical and administrative qualifications of a company as well as its ability to manage security on the construction sites. In addition, the RBQ requires that every company possess a bail bond in order to compensate customers in the case of fault or bankruptcy.
The primary mandate of the Association Provinciale des constructeurs d’Habitation du Québec is the protection of the public. It supports the warranty of new houses, performs credit checks on accredited companies and supplies bail bonds.
The primary mandate of the Ordre des Technologues professionnels du Québec is the protection of the public. It verifies professional practice through the code of ethics and continued professional training. <Luc Gendron, architectural technologist, T.P. 11945>
APCHQ Certified contractors
Our Customer Experience Quality Index is 95%. The ranking—determined by a satisfaction survey more commonly known as the Indice de la Qualité de l’Expérience Client (IQEC)—is calculated based on the following factors: quality of work and after-sales services, ability to respect the initial agreement and deadlines, clarity of the initial contract, and customer courtesy. APCHQ Certified contractors are recognized for their skills, expertise, and high customer-service standards. They are committed to continuing education as well as promoting the best possible renovation and consumer practices. APCHQ assesses, among other things, the financial and administrative situation of certified companies, verifying if they have the resources to carry out their projects. Moreover, its team of experts remains available to provide contractors with a wide range of support.
Caa Québec
Credibility and neutrality make it the go-to source for members seeking a qualified supplier or informed advice about maintaining their home and preventing or solving problems.
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