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Choosing a renovation contractor is easier if you follow the right criteria. This will allow you to do business with a reliable, competent and honest professional. However, there is a persistent prejudice in the renovation world: that contractors are all thieves. If you believe that the ideal renovation contractor is the one who seems the […]

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Planning a renovation project is a very stimulating process. However, it is important to complete a renovation project within a set timeline, respect your budget and obtain the desired results. To succeed you need a good plan! A renovation project cannot be improvised, regardless of its size. You need to get an overall picture of […]

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Water infiltration in your roof during the winter: what should you do?

Posté le December 14, 2018 par Mbiance - Reminder

Water infiltration in your home’s roof is never a pleasant surprise, especially during the winter! Unfortunately, this problem affects many homeowners during major temperature fluctuations. In fact, a rise in temperature after a few snowfalls can cause some damage to your roof and result in water infiltration. Imagine the scenario: you are about to go […]

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Everything you need to know about your home’s insulation

Posté le December 5, 2018 par Mbiance - Reminder

Is your home’s insulation adequate and optimal? That’s the question you must ask yourself, especially if you want to reduce your heating bill this winter or avoid other inconveniences in your home. It is important to understand how to evaluate your home’s insulation to ensure it is properly insulated. Several steps are available to help […]

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Preparing your home for the winter season : 10 points to verify

Posté le October 25, 2018 par Mbiance - Reminder

Preparing your home for the winter season is important. The leaves have fallen and the first snowfall is just around the corner. Are you prepared for the return of our chilly northern climate? Here are some important points to verify before the winter season knocks at our doors. 1. Flat roof If your home has […]

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